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Create EOS-20 Token for Airdrop w/

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@jaronrayhinds sounds great! I'll add this to my list of tokens to check out
@angeliquesocial We should jump on Rize App later today and talk Crypto. 4 p.m. PST work for you?
@jaronrayhinds Yes, I'll be there!
@angeliquesocial cool, do they have a scheduling feature?
@angeliquesocial just froze on me on iOS 12 Beta 4. Super Sketch :/
@jaronrayhinds the don't have a scheduling feature (yet). I sent them an e-mail about this as a suggestion 2 months ago. Too bad Rize crashed on iOS12, I experienced the same thing today but I'm on iOS11. We can also go on Houseparty and inform Bobby. He just got into it this week 😅