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Learn SQL to perform better on my marketing analysis.

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Hi @japanese_paris, will you be learning SQL online?
@angeliquesocial yes, I'm currently taking a lot of online courses for beginners.
@angeliquesocial @japanese_paris Which course are you doing?
@angeliquesocial @abadesi Udemy's "SQL for Newbs: Data Analysis for Beginners" was good. Also, I took a one day class offered by Girls in Tech SF. I've just started the textbook "Practical SQL" by Anthony Debarros.
@japanese_paris Awesome goal! There are also a number of tools out there to make the visualization easier after you've written the SQL if it helps! etc.
@devinviss Thank you so much! I haven't reach the point yet, I'll definitely try them out.
Any marketers use SQL? I would like to know how you get to the position and how/when do you use SQL in your job. I am a marketing generalist and manage my marketing team but I want to be more technical.
@japanese_paris I use it a lot before :) usually you have 2 types of tasks(create a db schema - not often task), and query some data from existing database(very often)