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Do the To-Dos I outlined in the first Medium article I wrote for Makers Fest

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Outstanding: Mine Amazon reviews of other Procrastination books to identify needs, pains, pleasures… maybe find interviewees
Outstanding: Find a provider and create outside Landing Pages for Life's Battle Plan (PH product might suffice… or maybe I need more) and Tactical Chronograph. Use the 6-point high-conversion cheat sheet. Use this sheet for my own site pages anyway. Make sure the domains point to them. Make sure ads point to them. Use compelling images, even if they're not my own.
Outstanding: 30-second video to replace word salad in my LBP page; use video also on LBP's Product Hunt page
Outstanding: Contact 5 previous participants in the LBP and TC beta. Schedule an interview AND ask for a testimonial/ review, verbatim on the spot. Get it into my WP for copy. Select interview questions. Interview for deeper feedback.