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Post TR in more Slack communities

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@janedonuts There are tools like SlackList ( who curate a list of top-quality Slack groups that you may be interested in.
@janedonuts @jamesstewart Aren't slack communities dead? I would try some active discord communities and very specific Reddit communities. You'd probably get some engagement on Reddit too.
@janedonuts @harowitzblack I wouldn't say they were dead, just that many communities struggle to survive due to larger communities being available. For example, starting a small startup group on Slack is difficult with big players like Startup Chat by the Startup Foundation being around.
@janedonuts @harowitzblack As for Reddit and Discord, I do suggest you try to market your product in a variety of different areas as suggested. You could also post your product on Hacker News, and maybe start a Medium publication to help establish your brand.
@janedonuts @jamesstewart Yep! I second this. Hacker rank is a good start and then start churning about medium posts every week, and then try to get some people via Reddit.
@janedonuts @jamesstewart @harowitzblack I think the key with Slack communities is to be in there early enough before it gets too crowded and the feed becomes overwhelming. I'd say most 'chat communities' have the same issue (I'm looking at you, Telegram groups).