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@jamesstewart Hey interesting and helpful service. Subscribed :). However to review a code, one needs to have lot more context (both architecture and business) than the class, method/functions one is reviewing. So how will you be asking coders to send in their code for review?
@jamesstewart @prashantbuddy adding myself to this thread. Interested to know answer for this.
@prashantbuddy That's a great question! Developers will link their GitHub or BitBucket accounts to their Open Commit account, and our reviewers will automatically be added as a collaborator to the repository when a review is requested and a reviewer assigns themselves to it. All reviewers are bound by a Reviewer Agreement with confidentiality clauses to protect your IP, and are automatically removed from the repository as soon as the project has been marked as complete.
@prashantbuddy In addition, we offer a reviewer teams feature, wherein you will be assigned a team of reviewers who will be the only people with access to review your code. This means these reviewers can gain additional context regarding your code over time, meaning they can be more effective at reviewing.