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Focus on my mental health

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@jamesg_oca what do you feel yourself struggling with the most mentally?
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@souhailmerroun I am just working through a few things right now and trying to take a step back and appreciate what I have right now.
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@jamesg_oca gratitude is the key to happiness in my sense.
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@jamesg_oca What are the approach have you tried in boosting mental health? Myself I do a lot of positive mental picture and take actions (avoid doing nothing)
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@whizzzoe I took 2 weeks off of work earlier this year to try and refocus my priorities and take time to reflect on what actually matters in my life. I have also been continuing to meditate every day which has helped me understand how to separate emotions from thoughts.
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@jamesg_oca That's a good practice! Like 2-week off to disconnect-reconnect on the things you do. I'm learning from what you share both on Medium & MakerMag! Keep it up 😄
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@whizzzoe I am about to post an article on Maker Mag about mental health, so keep an eye out 👀
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