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Run a mile in under 6 minutes

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@jagatfx and place is important. i have a big troubles when did my train at icy stadium without proper shoes
@jagatfx and then beat your own record by running the mile in less than 5 minutes? ;)
@aliciaheraz hahah, that sounds painful, under 6 will be plenty for me. Next goal is to run two miles in under 12 minutes.
@jagatfx do you listen to music while running?
@jagatfx all the time. Sometimes podcasts though for those longer runs 🙃how do you go about choosing music for a run? Put a playlist on shuffle?
@kevinguebert I have playlists I made on Spotify
@jagatfx Oh nice! I sometimes struggle with that and am working on something to help, so doing a little research! thanks for sharing
@kevinguebert Neat, let me know if you need someone to try something out. I've run in races without music and it is hard for me to maintain to high tempo without a fast-paced song. Also, running for so long with no music gets boring to me.
New best time 6:23 today, down from 6:27 on Tuesday. Tried in my second mile on a 5k run. After 10 seconds I was down to 4:38/mi pace, which was too fast, and could not sustain. At 0.2 mi at around 1:00, I had dropped below 6:00/mi pace and never got it back. Need to learn to feel where 6:00/mi pace is and shoot for just below that at the start.
new sub-goal. Run half mile in under 3 minutes
New best time 6:13 today, first mile of 5k, with 1/2 mile time of 2:57. Best 2-mile effort is still 13:20 on aug 21.
6:17 mile yesterday with 3:30 1st 1/2mi, 2:47 2nd 1/2mi. I was very out of breath when reaching the mile marker.
I did it! 5:55 mile :) now for 2 in 12min