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Create botpress bot to explore features

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@jagatfx interesting! what does your bot do?
@nieves_as I've created bots before with other platforms but this is my first for botpress. So far working through the tutorial to see how it works and what features are included. Then I think I'll extend with a toy bot. A practice bot that I thought would be entertaining is one that knows everything about conspiracy theories since those folks seem to always keep the conversation going in a mind-boggling way. What's your favorite bot that you've worked on?
@jagatfx nice! I've used botkit and I think it's the best one, it's easy to learn :) I don't have a favorite bot, but I really love the ones which aim to help people! The last one I made (with some friends) was about helping people with Alzheimer to remember things using short stories :) it's a Google Action for Google Assistant (in Spanish)