Jacob Madden
Jacob Madden@jagatfx · Founder of Design My Day

Do 100 pushups / day for 7 straight days

Completed on
fell off the wagon for three days. Back in business today 8/3
8/5 done 3-in-a-row
8/6 done 3 more to go
@jagatfx Hi Jacob, are you following the grease the groove method?
@jagatfx It is a popular method to become stronger. It is based on the theory that strength is a skill. As any skill you can practice it. Interestingly, it works. You pick some exercise where you want to become stronger and practice it in a specific manner every day. With time, you become stronger on that exercise, basically by training your CNS. This is often used in calisthenics. For example, to get from 0 chin ups to 8 in a row. Here is more info: https://www.artofmanliness.com/a...
@alexdevero Thanks so much! It really is amazing how much easier pushups get when you do them regularly. I'd love to do the chin up version. My main purpose in doing these streak runs with them is that it is a doable goal that requires me to stay on point to get to 7 days. So it is practice in promising myself I will do something and then doing it.
@jagatfx Nice Jacob! For chin ups, I recommend a door pull-up bar. It is very cheap and you can use it almost everywhere. Watch out for wooden door hinges. That is not a good combination.
@jagatfx I forgot. A long time ago, I created an app for grease the groove method: https://github.com/alexdevero/gr...