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try writing in a journal 10min, 1-2 times a day

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@jacqvon Fun! Do you already have a journal? I'm sure you've picked out a pretty one 📓
@abadesi I have a really, really old one that I've been meaning to use!
@jacqvon Have you tried and looked into writing a gratitude journal? I just started it a few weeks ago and love the results already.
@jacqvon @aleks_muse Expressing gratitude is such a great idea, didn't realise there's a journal for it! I love doing this exercise of saying what I'm grateful for with my friends and my partner as often as possible. It always centres me and cheers me up 😊
@jacqvon @abadesi There is a short episode that does explain the benefits of a gratitude journal for your brain. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu...
@jacqvon @aleks_muse @abadesi this is a really great idea, I should dedicate a journal to this :') it reminds me of my best friend who has a journal solely for recording questions that she has ( philosophical and stackoverflow 😂)
@jacqvon @aleks_muse @impishpimp OMG a journal for questions... that would be such a fun thing to break out at a dinner party... might steal that idea and write random questions in my phone notes 😄
@jacqvon @aleks_muse @abadesi do it! my best friend benefits greatly from it 😌
@jacqvon my roommate and I journal together daily 😌📝it's great for motivating each other