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Reach out to key stakeholders

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@_jeremiahs what is the aim of the outreach?
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@abadesi Sorry for the late reply! We're looking for backing (not the money type) from high profile companies/individuals in the Tech and/or Data space. We're working on infrastructure technology (
) so it doesn't fit the typical SaaS mould. In turns, this means many users/backers are waiting to see recognised early adopters before involving themselves—gotta hatch the chicken 🐣
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@_jeremiahs ah I see that is quite challenging! If there's an obvious way to leverage me / PH to help let me know 😊
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@abadesi Thanks, that's so kind! I was thinking of reaching out to Ryan for feedback as I think he'll get it. We spoke via email a couple of times in the past so I think it's appropriate, what do you reckon?
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@_jeremiahs We can tag him here @rrhoover so he can check it out if he has time-- is there specific feedback that would be most helpful? e.g. maybe a common objection you hear when trying to close that you need advice on?