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Finish Solid demo project

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@itsarnavb what are you planning to build on the platform?
@rrhoover I'm working on apps that could be used as reference for folks getting into developing for Solid. I feel the docs for Solid are pretty light right now, and don't cover everything someone would need to begin working with Solid.
@itsarnavb Is Solid the thing built for a decentralized web? I'd like to know your thoughts on it :) Also, if it is what I think about, do you know anything about Blockchain and how to build a platform on top of this? I'd love to learn about this!
@itsarnavb @satwaya Oh cool! I wrote this article about an year ago: Solid isn't blockchain though. As for blockchain, there are so many places to start!
@itsarnavb @satwaya Thanks for the article about Solid, I'm going to read it :) For blockchain I'll try to find some useful resources!