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embed Medium articles on my website ✍

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@internet_johnny Hey Johnny, I wanted to ask if you find that your medium articles are more discoverable than traditional blogging / making your blog articles the canonical ones from SEO perspective? We have been poking a lot at SEO and I see people getting great engagement on Medium content, but i'm not convinced of it's long term discoverability, any thoughts?
@internet_johnny @avery_schrader Hi Avery! With Medium you are at the mercy of their discoverability algorithms in a way, however they seem to have actual human curators for their topics. I managed to get a post curated in Tech and Gadgets and saw a nice boost in read numbers. That being said, I really like the added convenience of Medium - easy editing of posts, not having to create the styling and integration with my website, being able to work on Drafts directly on their website, unsplash integration, the Medium Partner Program that allows you to earn some money without setting up anything. As for long term discoverability, I can vouch for the fact I have found myself stumbling across articles just googling questions, whether related to programming or something else. My own articles keep getting a handful of views per day even weeks after being posted. This could of course change in the future. TL;DR - Medium is very convenient
@internet_johnny @avery_schrader Huh, you have given me fresh eyes on this. Thanks J. Maybe Medium 2.0 is worth another shot. Been thinking about doing some more personal writing, I guess this is the easiest place to do it.