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🕸🕷👩🏻‍💻Webscrape Bandcamp for "Cursed Tapes" bot

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Discussion got the basic python script running
problem: Bandcamp is webscrape proof & doesn't give out developer keys to their API anymore. pivot: I'm just going to make a bot that tweets out my weekly listening 3x3 grid from
@impishpimp what exactly are you trying to scrape? The link in the Github file leads to the homepage. Is it a private page?
@fanahova the html that I'm trying to extract is within an databinded html tag. looked it up on stackoverflow... seems like there's not an easy workaround to extract it at runtime.
@impishpimp In those cases I use Watir + Firefox headless to scrape pages, it seems to work much more reliably. The same applies for when you're trying to scrape React-based pages, PhantomJS doesn't work properly but Firefox does. I use Ruby instead of Python but I can send you some code snippets if you want, maybe that will help!