Fiona Carty
Fiona Carty@impishpimp · designer @ boba guys

✨👂🏻catch up on new music + add to currently playlist

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@impishpimp sounds awesome! What music do you listen to? :D
@deansodium indie / lofi / experimental electronic / hiphop / r&b / folk / new wave ! I'm kind of all over the place, i like finding new genres and trying new things !
@impishpimp can't believe it - I love nearly all the genres you mentioned. Been curating similar music for my playlists too, think you might like this one!
@deansodium nice! I'll check it out
@impishpimp love your playlists! Mine's if you'd like to check out my other playlists too :)
@impishpimp I'm currently listening to this Robot Heart mix. Great background work music.
@rrhoover ooo nice! here's some of the stuff I listen to when I'm working: this playlist ! Four Tet Tape's Luminarium album