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Launch custom built blog on my website

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@ian_smith1 What will the blog be about?
@toporasca Mostly about learning electronics and robotics but I might mix in some software posts and other things! Just launched it here if you're curious https://www.iansmith.is/blog
@ian_smith1 Had a look and I read the robot article. I liked how you took it step by step and even mentioned about choosing a project that you find exciting. The only thing that I would suggest is having the length of the paragraphs shorter. They feel too chunky and makes it harder to read. Nonetheless, good job for taking the first step of launching the blog. To start something is the hardest part. I was also wondering if you would do some articles about Arduino. I really love that electronic platform and there are so many cool projects you can build with it. Can't wait to see what else you come up with! Keep it up!
@toporasca Thanks for the advice! Hopefully I'll get some Arduino posts in the future, definitely lots of awesome projects!