Ashwin K S
Ashwin K S@iamashwinks · Student, Intern at Speckbit

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@iamashwinks On what position are u working right now?
@alexwawl I am currently working on Machine Learning. Exploring more about ML and doing projects on it.
@alexwawl Will link up my finished Projects by Sunday. Will like to be in touch with you.
@iamashwinks Great. My side project is - curated list of jobs and internships in AI Industry. Maybe it can be helpful for u. If so then you can help by sharing it. More people come - more jobs I post;)
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@alexwawl This one is awesome.. Thanks a lot. Will surely share it to my peeps who are learning on the same path as me.
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@iamashwinks Perfect thank you. If you have any feedback or requests (like post more internships or Juniors jobs) - let me know. Try to do my best. Also we are in beta right now but also you can fill your profile. Based on this we will recommend positions that fit for you:)
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