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😩 Work on sleep schedule

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@hroland_ it's so difficult but so important :)
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@hroland_ consistency is 🔑 but hard for some people
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@hroland_ if you crack this problem, please share the recipe 💤
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@hroland_ how many hours do you sleep and what time do you get up?
@sasha_nadelyaeva i get up around 6:30-7:15 for school. A bad day looks like this: I feel like shit in the morning and in school after only a few hours of sleep. After school im exhausted, time flies by and i strafe into binging youtube. then i realize its 7pm, adrenaline rushes through me since I havent yet done enough today and I force myself to work on something with 0% energy (obviously not advancing an inch) and my mind doesn't let me sleep until 1am or 3am.
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@sasha_nadelyaeva luckily this has been only going on for a few weeks and I really see myself getting out of this
@hroland_ oh, that sucks. You definitely need more time to rest. The good point is that you realize the very moment you choose the wrong path, so you probably should cut off youtube at least 2 days a week to have more time for work and going to bed at 11pm. After all, we are stronger than the habit 😉
@hroland_ Same struggles my friend. I've been waking up earlier than usual and going for runs and make sure I'm active the whole day so I'm tired as hell that my body demands sleep when it's like 12 and I give in.
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@hroland_ @amrith Good job on that Amrith! The environment around you matters a lot imho if you're living with family or someone, be sure it gets sleep mood-y 1 hour prior to your plan :D maybe share your progress with us?
@hroland_ oh man, I can give one advice if you struggle with waking up. Move your bed place, sleep somewhere else in the flat/house. It helps! Probably plan to get light if you currently don't. Also exactly think of what you'll do in the morning, and don't let it be something boring or a bug, it'll keep you in bed forever haha.