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Create basic STS microservice for authentication/authorization

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@headbike Hey congrats on completing your task! I'm learning how Product Hunt's Maker page works....I just posted my first Product Hunt post this morning...so high learning curve
@i_m_paw I get it. I'm a newbie and learning everything left and right about producthunt, makers, indiehackers and all the social stuff Twitter etc. I'm used to be a software developer hiding in a cave ;-) Well, it's all fun too, no? :-)
@i_m_paw @headbike Ahhh you are a newbie here as well? You seem to know so much more than me! Indiehackers and social stuff? I know of Twitter but not sure which other ones you're referencing :) Lol....awww...it's all cool hiding in cave..in fact, software development is quite complex and I'm not surprised ppl need quiet and silence in order to complete a project lol!