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Design app mockup

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@anthilemoon Well, it's something that I do to improve my design skills. I had taken part in the daily UI challenge a few days ago but didn't stick to it😂. So I thought that I'd create some design at least once a week to hone my design skills. I'm actually creating Product hunts new version😂 because I spend most of my time here and can't think of any other fictional app to create and also I'm bored. If you need help with anything feel free to reach out :)
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@harowitzblack that's such a great idea. And creating a new version of an existing app you are using regularly is really good because you can focus on the UX/UI rather than trying to come up with an app idea, which is a whole other ordeal in itself. Good luck!
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@anthilemoon @harowitzblack I am also always when learning something new, making up some idea for a project and in the learning process realize it. Can't just read docs.
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@anthilemoon @nikolay_siabrenko The idea part is difficult😂 but yes, replicating an existing app can help you a lot. As Anne said, you can focus more on the UI/UX rather than looking for an idea. You working on anything interesting @nikolay_siabrenko?
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lmao good. You've come a long way. I'm proud of you. Show me what you got in 5 years. BRUH 🤣