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Release FeedZen on product hunt

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@souhailmerroun https://feedzen.app/ helps you overcome web / social media addiction by removing the addictive content but keeping the useful content
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@hamish_johnson aha! That is something I'm struggling with. I don't have an iPhone to test it out. I'b interesting to work with you on a product cross platform.
@souhailmerroun Unfortunately this tech isn't really possible on Android 😞 You can't partially block web content on Android as that's how you block ads... and we all know Google loves ads.
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@hamish_johnson hmm. I'm using some hacks to block content on Chrome in my laptop. I use stylish and I hide blocks from websites. I hide for example: Feeds, People you may know sections etc...
@souhailmerroun Yeah it's totally possible on desktop, just not on mobile. @tweetjai made UnDistracted
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