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Find Product Hunt Fanatics in Miami, FL to connect with ☕️

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@guillaumebardet you should start a meetup in Florida! 😃
@rrhoover I've had that in mind! 🙂I noticed one happening in October. Maybe we can make it happen more frequently if they're open to it. Quick note: It would have been really cool to have an idea of who was hosting it from the events page. Mainly for the Product Hunt meet-ups, I would have tried to reach out and see if any help was needed!
@guillaumebardet yes! We have plans to add hosts.
@rrhoover Awesome! That would be very helpful :)
@guillaumebardet There's a good meetup group already going! @mdorsett has been running the show.
@jacqvon Thank you for the heads up! I noticed the page some time ago when I heard of a previous meetup when I was out of town. Looking forward to the one in October. :) @mdorsett Hello M, are you the one hosting the Miami meetup in October? It would be great to connect with Product Hunt users down here. I'd be happy to help if needed!