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No Diet Coke for 30 days....πŸ†˜

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@grlalx HAVE FAITH
@grlalx pro tip: replace the diet coke habit with LaCroix 😁
@rrhoover gonna switch between LaCroix and Hint... I am leSad...
@rrhoover @grlalx black tea helped a ton for me when I kicked my coke addiction a couple years ago
@grlalx You can do it!
@grlalx how's it going πŸ’ͺ?
@angeliquesocial OMG I HAVENT CAVED YET!!!!!
@grlalx That's great! I went through this a while back with Fanta Orange now I only drink water and don't crave Fanta anymore. I helped a co-worker through the same thing with CocaCola but she didn't go cold turkey like you! You can do this!
@angeliquesocial OOOOF. fanta is so good. Honestly Hint has been a LIFESAVER. having cases of it everywhere....
@grlalx Congrats Alexandra πŸ‘
@grlalx You did itπŸŽ‰!
@angeliquesocial i did it!!! still doing it...though its hard hhaha