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Run a survey to validate our understanding of the problem 📝

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On customer research, I highly recommend to read this blog post by @hnshah: An Inside Look at a Successful Early Access Survey
@hnshah @fmerian Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.
You're welcome @grenddesign ! This is something I experimented on a previous project and it worked well. I received 100+ emails at a 30% response rate. More interestingly, I better understood my customers so I was able to pivot successfully when I had to.
@fmerian Awesome to hear! Do you have an example of how it affected your decision making later down the line? I'm always fascinated by how these kinds of things are then actioned upon.
On a mission as an EiR at a VC fund, I worked on a prototype to create more value for founders. First I did an early access survey to better understand how founders work and what their main issues are. The MVP was not 100% satisfying as it was not adopted by the founders. We moved forward and built the community on top of Slack. I will soon share some more insights on how to build a community on Slack.
@fmerian Sounds fascinating! Would love to see the deck when you've drafted it.