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@graeme_fulton Can you help me? 😃
@nikolay_siabrenko how can i help? (depends what it iis)
@graeme_fulton How I can improve this and project pages(you should login)?
@nikolay_siabrenko hey it's quite cool, I would like it if notifications came to telegram. Have look at how works - you can interact with the site using telegram bot. I would prefer interacting with an Upvote bot then coming to the website - that's my behaviour anyway..then it can build on the stats producthunt offers in a different way
@graeme_fulton Thanks so much for your time. I will think about telegram bot 😃
@nikolay_siabrenko you're welcome, also I would look at shortening the copy on your landing page. WHen there is more than 1 or 2 lines, less people tend to read it