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Complete Efficient Markets and Behavioural Finance revision

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@gracesice Oh, revision... I remember those days! Do you have a study group or fly solo usually? 🤓
@abadesi Yeah not so fun but luckily this module isn't too tough. I have a study group who happen to be my rowing team. Revising with them/recommending songs to each other all day helps keep me sane 🙈
@abadesi were you a study group or solo student?
@gracesice I did most studying alone (I was a huge fan of the 12 hour library shift during exam season) but I also did a lot of 1:1 studying with students who were top of the class, that *really* helped me and I write about it in my book. Even though I'm working now I still try to spend time with the smartest people I know 🤓