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Interview the prospect customer from yesterday and gather her feedback

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Hey Galia, how do you run your user interviews? Do you have a framework? FYI Here is a useful set of questions to help you get insights from your users: Simple, human interviews
@fmerian Hi Florent, thanks!! A really useful and structured set of questions for an user interview! I will make use of them :)
@gmail @andi_satya_pranata_pranata Hi Andi, thanks for providing your email! I will be happy to send you details for beta-testing our product. Kind regards, Galia
@andi_satya_pranata_pranata Hi Andi, thanks a lot for the interest! Actually, I am currently preparing a beta version for you to test and collect your feedback. However the B2C scenario is not yet ready to be shown. The task above was regarding the B2B prospective customer. i will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks again for your interest in supporting me! Galia