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Gil Akos@gil_akos · Co-founder, CEO at Astra

Set up Medium <> Mailchimp integration (suggestions anyone?)

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@gil_akos to clarify, do you mean auto-importing your Mailchimp newsletters into Product Hunt? That's an interesting idea, might be something we consider, @nickabouzeid. My concern would be formatting and overwhelming readers as we publish daily.
@nickabouzeid @rrhoover That would be an interesting integration! Generally, we are trying to find a semi-automated way to set up a weekly newsletter to our subscribers that goes via email (Ship preferred or Mailchimp if it has to be) and is also posted to Medium. It doesn't matter which comes first - the email or the Medium post. Do you all use any processes or integrations like this?
@gil_akos hrmmm, I don't know of a solution but Medium has an API so it's probably doable. Maybe explore Zapier.
@rrhoover Thanks! Good tip. I don't see an integration to Medium on Zapier. There are some apps on IFTTT but nothing that seems to do what I'm hoping. We might code up something for this at some point. Will report back. 🤓
@rrhoover @gil_akos Nothing comes to mind for your specific problem. I repost about half our newsletters to the PH blog, usually takes a few minutes to fix formatting. I'd be surprised if an API could automate that process simply because of how many formatting issues appear when copying from Mailchimp. Quick recommendation: include an Up.scribe CTA into your Medium posts so people can subscribe to your newsletter directly in the Medium article. They have a Mailchimp integration too :)
@rrhoover @nickabouzeid Thanks for the tips! Agree RE formatting. The best option I've seen uses an RSS feed to populate your Mailchimp template (from the article links in this goal), but I think a more manual approach for now makes sense. Will definitely check out up.scribe too. 🙏