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add keywords to from Resume to help with my new job search

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@getaclue_1 What are you applying for?
@jamesstewart Hey James! Thanks for asking. Ideally I am looking for a place that needs someone with skills of a software engineer and not just a developer. I am pretty well rounded person, so I would like to find a home (in Toronto or remote) where I can add value and learn from great people. Tech stacks and languages do not really matter to me as I can jump in and adapt to anything pretty quickly because I have a good computer science foundation. And if the company is from US (and is open to remote), then travelling to home base once in a while wouldn't be a problem as my engineering degree qualifies me for a TN visa. If you or someone you know needs more info then you can always shoot me an email - (I'm a bit slow to reply as I am a trade show launching our side hustle product until September 3rd) Cheers!
@getaclue @getaclue_1 Have you tried I have heard it is a great platform for those looking for remote jobs.
@jamesstewart nope haven't gotten that route yet - focusing on my immediate network first and then I will fan out =) Thanks for the suggestion though! And there is always @levelsio remote website too =)