Gaurang Alat
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Create mockups for upcoming launch of Wonderus on PH

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@gaurangalat Are you using some services?
@nikolay_siabrenko Hey Nikolay! Not sure by what you mean by services? I am using Figma to create the images by using free mockups as placeholders and inserting my design/ screenshot of the actual application
@gaurangalat What's wonderus?
@harowitzblack Hey Ben, Wonderus is a knowledge management system (also a Slack integration) for teams to primarily onboard new hires faster and work faster. You can find more information here - or visit the upcoming page on PH itself - Let me know if I can answer any more questions!
@gaurangalat That looks really good! Good luck with the launch.
@harowitzblack Thanks Ben, will be my first on PH :)