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Wire up Medium API to and homepages

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@galt_ curious to know how will you do it. i might be need it too
@arthur_tkachenko It seems that this is not possible (yet?!) Medium has an OAuth but only to be able to create and author posts. They don't seem to have a way to get all posts from a specific account. This is probably to prevent people copying entire Medium posts on their custom domain without crediting Medium . Instead, I added a font-awesome medium icon in my nav that links over to our blog on Medium:
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@galt_ looks like a cool idea. i was thinking about making a excerpts with link to each of articles. but yep, it's not an easy thing. but check what i find:
@arthur_tkachenko aha, yeah that looks good. Unfortunately I didn't build Siren Apparel's website with Gatsby, but I guess I could look into the JSON and find how it's generated. Looks like an example Gatsby site linking to medium posts is here:
@arthur_tkachenko wow, it's actually very straightforward. Medium supplies JSON style links, so ours would be you can get titles and subtitles at least, but I don't see how the gatsby people are getting a small preview for each post...
@galt_ i didn't use it, so don't know really how it works. it's in my todo list - because our static pages build with gatsby(really easy stuff). maybe you should check how they grab data from RSS. maybe it can help you
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