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Share notes on why, if you have to choose between org meat and org fruit/veggies, you should choose org meat πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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If you could you only afford one, would you buy organic meat, or organic veggies and fruits? Go with organic meat. It gives you more bang for your buck nutritionally and environmental toxins are a bigger concern for animal products because of bioconcentration. Bioconcentration is the process of a substance increasing in concentration within a living organisms up the food chain. So toxins in the air, water, and soil, make their way into plants. The concentration of these substances is higher in the plants than in the surroundings. Same principle applies again for animals and plants. Toxins accumulate in animal tissues in higher concentrations than what is in the plants they eat, sometimes by an order of magnitude. So in terms of food we are particularly interested in the bioconcentration of herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals get sprayed onto the plants and soil of crops and are absorbed by the plants. These plants are then fed to us and animals. However, the chemicals accumulate in animals so we end up getting much larger doses of these herbicides and pesticides in the meat. So conventionally raised animal products have a lot more pollutants than conventionally raised plants. Organically raised meat and plants are not allowed to be treated with these chemicals. They are also not allowed to be given antibiotics or growth hormone. However, organically raised meat from major producers who also raise conventional meat should be eaten with caution. Producers are incentivized to water-down the organic label and regulations because conventional meat is cheaper to produce and has better profit margins. The interests are not aligned! The safest way to buy organic good meat is from a local farm either directly, from a CSA, or at a farmers market. Note: bioconcentration works the other way too! Nutrients bioconcentrate up the food chain. So organic plants fed to organically raised animals produces nutritionally excellent meat.
@forgemyhealth interesting -- can you link the study / research you're taking this from? I suppose people who don't eat meat for ethical reasons will still pick the other option
@abadesi Sure! It's actually from a book I'm reading. 'Deep Nutrition' by Catherine Shanahan. Yes, if someone is vegetarian or vegan the choice ends up being between organic and conventionally raised plants. And there are more nuances they can get into because there are certain fruits/veggies that should def be org and there are others that can be okay conventional. It all depends on the agricultural practices. Of course, I think the best bet is to buy local from a farm you trust. πŸ˜„