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Analyze data points from IFTTT for the blog

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@findabhilash What kind of data do you track with IFTTT?
Hey @kevinguebert I've been recording all the notifications I receive on my phone and adding them to a Google Spreadsheet via IFTTT. In fact i've got close to 20 sheets of data :) I'm looking to slice this based on industries and draw insight pertaining specifically to me! I'm looking to see what kind of notifications drive value vs all the clutter. My blogpost will cover these pointers primarily : a) Quantity vs Quality for each sector b) Time of delivery c) Content vs context This is going to be different for every geography, so I figured i'll try this out with data I have for myself, and draw insights from the same. Let me know your thoughts on the same and if you'd like to read something like this :) Also if you have any pointers you'd like to see that I can cover with my analysis, let me know!
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@findabhilash Oh dang! That's awesome. I've always like the idea of data collection (like http://www.reporter-app.com/), but I've never really been consistent with it. And then things like IFTTT, I know I can collect data..but then I don't know what kind of valuable information I can gather from it. I'd be interested in seeing what you learn from your data!
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@findabhilash That's actually really interesting, I'd definitely be interested to read about this! Feel free to reach out when the post is ready.
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