Sort out my Google Drive

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@fg_webdev Oh my, my files are a mess. I should probably clean up my Drive too.
@syswarren Sounds like a good idea! I was thinking to group files into folders.
@fg_webdev lol me too! How are you gonna do it - Manually or automate the process?
@harowitzblack Manually. I didn't think there was a automated way of doing it .
@fg_webdev There's an API for google drive. Not sure how it'll work though. 😂
@harowitzblack Ohh really? Might just stick to a manual process.
@fg_webdev haha sure! Anyway, it's going to be a lot of work implementing the API into the automated process. Could also be a side project you could work on😁.
@fg_webdev My files are so unorganized. I think I am going to add this to my list of tasks :) How are you categorizing your files?
@jamesstewart Its worth doing. I have no idea atm, I just wna group similar things together.
@fg_webdev I love when I do this kind of goals because when it's sorted out, I have my workflow clean and ready to use. I did the same on my computer and Dropbox last week :)