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@fg_webdev What will your blog be about?
Hi @abadesi . Its going to be a technical post- "Introduction to testing your Redux code"
@abadesi @fg_webdev nice, post the draft here when you are ready, I love redux and testing.
Hi @randomor thank you. You can view the draft here http://sine-nomine.netlify.com/i.... On medium, I'm going to use github gist and add comments to the code to explain what each line does. Please let me know what you think.
@fg_webdev Nice work! 👏 Only thing I noticed is: can we not define and then call the ‘mockLogout’ function? Can’t we just run with the command directly because we are not reusing it? Also, instead of comment after the code snippet, it might be easier to read if you just write the code comments on top of the line you are trying to explain. Tip: Did you know that Medium can share a draft so people can send in private comments before you publish?
@randomor I thought it would be easier to read that way, I can change it if its not necessary. I didn't know Medium allows you to share drafts, here's the link to the Medium draft https://medium.com/@fatimat/intr... I think I did what you mean by adding comments to top of the line. Thank you
@fg_webdev The first one is always the hardest! Try to get some feedback before publishing. If you want your medium post to get exposure to a large community, try to get it featured by a large publication: - The startup for startup related post - FreeCodeCamp or HackerNoon for tech posts ... Good luck 😃
Hello @sahinkevin. Yes Its definitely hard, I've been putting it off for so long. I see... any tips of how to get it featured on a large publication? I'm new to medium and just trying to figure it out at the moment.
@fg_webdev What is your blog post about ? I got lucky with my first medium post, I got 35k+ views and lot of feedback: https://hackernoon.com/how-we-la...
@sahinkevin Title is "Introduction to testing your redux code". Ohh wow, thats amazing! I like your blog.