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Create Chrome Extension

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@ferid_movsumov Oh yeeeees, nice, You talking about extension for foodieadvice
@a1iusman Yes I want to build a chrome extension but still thinking about functionalities. One idea is to show random food in window and information about it when user clicks on extension icon. If you have any other ideas, please let me know 🀩
@ferid_movsumov sure, Many ideas, How about you use a ContentScript and look for keywords on the page such as 'Pizza', 'burger' etc and get data from your API to display most popular places for 'pizza'? You can also get extension use the Geo-location to display a badge or notification for your extension , for example if I am in New York you can tell me whats the best pizza close to me but once (I guess if you keep showing the same info again and again users will get sick of it) just saying lol
@a1iusman Thanks. Yes you are right it can be a bit boring to showing foods again and again. Maybe I should think more about this concept. Thanks for other suggestions. I will think about it.