Alessio Fanelli
Alessio Fanelli@fanahova · Dir. of Engineering @ 645 Ventures

Setup Ship page for Thrilla

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@fanahova let us know if you want any input! We'd also love any feedback.
@rrhoover I used it a bit for the global hackathon, will let you know if I have some new feedback ✌🏼 Btw, are you planning new formats for the upcoming page? I've noticed the vertical scroll is a bit confusing at times since it goes by faster than what you can actully read.
@fanahova good question! This request has come up before. We don't have current plans but I'd like to fix the scrolling usability.
@fanahova I see your goal is completed. Link so I can subscribe? :)
@rrhoover I'd like to report a bug with Makers, the goal names aren't updating properly! haha I added a "Punted" tag to it. I've archived this project for a bit since I'm going to work more hours starting next week and won't have much time to work on it.
@fanahova ahh, that's a UX issue. You will need to add your update and hit ENTER for it to save.