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Find more opportunities to mentor and help people

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@fanahova a while back, Dustin Senos was working on Out of Office Hours to help connect mentors with mentees. I'm not sure if he's still working on it but I liked the format and spoke with ~10 people about tech, product management, etc.
@rrhoover Oh that's cool, just submitted a request for it :) Thank you!
@rrhoover @fanahova It's still alive and well, I'm a part of the community and highly recommend it. I noticed you're an engineer, too. There are lots of initiatives like CodeFirstGirls which run free workshops for young women to lean basic coding skills, you might be interested in something like that.
@abadesi when I was in Philadelphia I used to volunteer for TechGirlz and helped write their Ruby curriculum actually :) It was super fun. It'd be great to help some female founders as well. 645 Ventures is also one of the top 10 VC firms in terms of funding women (40% of our deals are with female-led companies) but I don't know of any programs/communities where I could reach them. Do you have any suggestions?
@fanahova That's amazing. 40%? Incredible 👏🏽Communities for female founders include SheWorx, Ada's List, Blooming Founders and Leap. Where are you based now? I will think of specific people I could intro you to.
@abadesi We are closing our second fund now so we are still a pretty small firm but we are really focusing on diversity both in our team and in our portfolio, I'm proud to be a part of this team! I won't be back in the US until end of the summer, but we are based in NYC. My personal email is, feel free to get them in touch with me (Work one is for any business messages/pitches they want me to share with the rest of the team). I'll take a look at those communities as well. Thank you a lot!
@rrhoover @abadesi Thanks for the suggestions! Signed up for Out of Office Hours and having a call with Lu Li from Blooming Founders tomorrow about helping them. If you have somebody that wants help/chat with somebody, feel free to give them my email :)
@fanahova I love how speedy you were there. Say hi to Lu Li for me, she's one of my heroes. I would say The Other Box and Future Girl Corp are two other communities (London based) and you should definitely connect with "SheWorx", "Global Invest Her" and your local Lean In circles. Always makes me happy to find another ally in VC 😄
@abadesi she was really nice to talk to! Some cool stuff coming up as well, excited to help them. I'll take a look into those other communities as well, I just don't want to bite more than I can chew right now haha
@fanahova Fair dues, always happy to help make suggestions when you have capacity 😄