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Limit Order: Build a prelaunch page & kickoff lead generation

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Thinking of wiring up the page as if Limit Order was live, and taking in prelaunch emails only from users who would have signed up. Thus... pages I'll need: Home Pricing Features/Tour Beta Signup ("Limit Order is almost ready! Signup to know when it launches" + sharing functionality) Ecommerce Pricing Podcast signup On the home page, I'll let people click on "Get Started" or "Add to Shopify" and send to Beta Signup On Pricing, all price tiers will also link to the Beta Signup All call to actions in the Features page will link to the Beta Signup Finally, the home page will include the usual lead gen email form to subscribe to the Podcast, which will focus on interviewing successful ecommerce founders about their pricing strategy and how they went about identifying the sweet spot between product pricing and what customers are willing to pay. This will generate an audience of people who who be great candidates for the Limit Order apps, and will be mostly targeted directly at Shopify merchants to sign up. I should probably use some kind of SaaS to operate the podcast -- if there is a good one out there yet