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@evacbennett I used to write a ton... and then Product Hunt took over my life. 😊 When I was writing, I found it very helpful to get feedback on my drafts from other writers. Let me know if you want another pair of eyes on anything before you publish! Once we introduce our Groups feature for Maker Goals, I'll start a writing group for this exact use case.
@rrhoover that’s awesome! And thanks for that!
@evacbennett What are you writing about? I have a few posts planned but can't find the time/inspiration for writing them 😭
@aleks_muse tell me about it! Time is the biggest challenge! I use my friends and actual work as inspiration. For example, I was asked to help plan a weekend trip to algonquin for a customer, so now I’m writing a blog post for a perfect weekend in algonquin!
@evacbennett Is your blog on Medium or other platform?