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Draft marketing plan for book (any experts here?)

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@ericjorgenson what kind of book and what's the primary goal? I'm definitely not an expert but have a little experience on this.
@rrhoover The Almanack of Naval Ravikant! I know you do -- funny enough I have a copy of "Hooked" sitting on my desk right now :)
@ericjorgenson Have been brushing up on marketing myself lately. Read this obvious statement yesterday but struck me, "Marketing is about getting noticed; sales is about closing the deal." Some other notes I've recently taken to possibly focus on: - Garner attention by being "remarkable" (e.g. a purple cow stands out among the brown ones) - Being well received (receptivity)—grab attention of people who will want to listen or be relevant to the context of how you're gaining their attention - Try hard to identify and grab attention of your target "probable purchaser" - Focus on their end result (why are people reading your book—that is what they are after) - What core human drives does your book resolve—produce that feeling of desire - Help them visualize what their life will be like having read your book