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@emmalsalinas What's your new project about?
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@anthilemoon It's a digital tactile watch that has 3D digits. You can touch it to find out the time. It will change people's habits about how they tell time (checking the time one of the most common habits). I have a bad habit of looking at my watch very frequently. I think it's rude. I figured if I could touch my watch and feel the time, it would be more discreet and I wouldn't offend anyone. It's also for the blind and the fashion forward (it's super cool looking, sleek, minimalist, matte black, etc.). It's kind of hard to determine if it's something that people will want when nothing like it exists.
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@anthilemoon @emmalsalinas That's a very interesting idea! Have you developed any prototypes yet? You can use Ship to validate your idea :)
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@emmalsalinas Oh cool! People thinking it was rude to check their watch while in meetings etc. was a problem we were facing at Google with smartwatches, especially because people would think the person was checking their messages. I don't wear a watch myself but it's an interesting approach, definitely worth doing some research. :)
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@emmalsalinas That's a dope idea! I'd be very much interested.
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@anthilemoon @amrith Not yet. I'm still figuring out the mechanics and designing 3D models so I can print & test them. Here's a pic of what I want the final to look like (https://imgur.com/a/PP0y5Ha)