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😏Get boss to hire another UX Designer

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@emile_patry Oh no - sounds like you have a lot on your plate and need help? Have you tried to present a business case for why it is important?
@abadesi That's what I'm up to! Been secretly gathering metrics for the past week... Let's see if this can be done :)
@emile_patry 🤞🏽 hope it works out - if you need any advice let us know!
@abadesi likewise - thanks so much for the support! let's see how this turns out...
@abadesi UPDATE: Seems like a no-go for now.. they're more focussed on hiring developers (pretty hard to find in Paris apparently) - seems like I'll be a lone designer for a little while still 😅
@emile_patry Oh no! Are there some offline communities you can tap into for moral support? Have you heard of Ladies that UX for example?