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Elvin Hu@elvin_hu · Graphic Designer, Cooper Union

Write out my design processes for my portfolio

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@elvin_hu Hey! Could you please tell me would you do that and how it is helpful?
@elvin_hu @harowitzblack For the first part of the question, I can't answer for Elvin but for the second part: writing about design process on your portfolio is quite interesting if you are looking for a new job or experienced enough to "teach" (in some capacity) younger designers what a design process can look like.
@elvin_hu @syswarren Ah that is very interesting. I'm not an experienced designer maybe this could help me out! (Loving the image uploading feature 😂)
@harowitzblack @syswarren Thanks Julie! Yeah companies are especially interested in seeing younger designers' process when they recruit new members. I have a bunch of projects finished already, but I haven't documented them well. I'm starting to look for an intern position soon so I guess it will be beneficial for me to write about them!
@harowitzblack @syswarren utilitarian objectives aside, for me it's just a good practice to look back at my old stuff once in a while, and see what I can improve on, and also write about them.
@syswarren @elvin_hu You guys are way better than me...Can I get some feedback? I mostly designed them for fun, they're not much but I try to keep them updated (Work is taking to much of my time lol).