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let us know if you like us!https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/shoperr

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@eli_pikover1 Looking good - I had the same issue and I will recommend making your landing page bit more clear :) Rest looks awesome
@a1iusman Hi Ali, Can you tell us what wasn't clear for you? Also, feel free to register and use our platform and create your first shop at https://shoperr.com/create/influ... Thanks! really appreciate the feedback.
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@eli_pikover1 It could just be me :) but I feel that there is so much info at https://shoperr.com/ but no explanation what the product is about and how do i use it where on the other hand this page (https://c.shoperr.com/homepage) was simply perfect, It explained everything in simple words. I signed up to check it out and it actually impressive the way you let users search and add products to their shop but going on home page https://shoperr.com/ I didn't know what the project was for. Hope this explains.
@a1iusman Hi the https://shoperr.com website is an e-commerce website. whereas https://c.shoperr.com is a platform for creators/influencers to create shops with personal recommendations in few minutes. You can arrive at the platform via the https://shoperr.com website's CTA's. Thanks again , I will use your feedback and improve the explanation on there:)
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