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Achieve 1000 happy users of our platform

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@elevatyr1 what is your platform about?
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Hey @souhailmerroun this is our platform we are a cryptocurrency investment platform. basically we aim to bring simplicity, convenience and hopefully a little fun to crypto investing for people who don't want to dedicate themselves to learning the ins and outs of using exchanges
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@elevatyr1 I like that you mentioned 'happy' users instead of trying to go by overall registration numbers :) That's definitely a good goal! Have you heard about this blog post, '1,000 True Fans' by @kevin2kelly?
@kevin2kelly @guillaumebardet I hadn't but I'll give it a read. Thanks! By the way, if you happen to be on, we just posted our platform if you'd like to check it out!
Hello @elevatyr1, How many happy users your platform already has?