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come up with a marketing plan for CallTap

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@ekurutepe what a marketing plan should lookalike? any examples? and what are some good tips from your own experiences to build one?
@souhailmerroun I wish I knew. So far my plan is to start with Apple Search Ads and see what kind of ROI I get. But I have a feeling a website with strong SEO and content would be a good investment as well.
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@ekurutepe I've stumbled upon this https://www.asoebook.com/ somewhere in PH. Maybe It can be useful?
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@ekurutepe :D who would be the target user for CallTap?
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@simonewym hi Simone, anybody who'd need to record calls. Journalists, user researchers, lawyers, professionals who might need to records conference calls.
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@ekurutepe 👋 hey! i've been working in marketing/tech for 7 years. lmk if you have any questions, happy to help!
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@temilasade hey Temi, thank you!