after "month 1" of 5 posts/wk is done, "month 2" learn how & try to make newsletter

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@edwardrooster Interesting 🤔 where can we read your posts? :)
@satwaya Hi Joshua, I'm still in week 3, the posts can be found on big-stack.com but medium is probably more fun to read on, due to their formatting. Here's a short form piece, some of my posts are long form & I realize many folks are time constrained. https://medium.com/@edwardrooste...
@edwardrooster Hey! It's still me 😂 What tool are you going to use to make your newsletter?
@satwaya Hey Joshua, I use wordpress, nothing fancy. Have a great weekend!
launched two revamped newsletters on Substack at last: Rooster360 and The Big Stack.