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get feeback on landing page of Gen-Us http://gen-us.space/

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@edisonjoao6871 I think the landing page looks clean overall, but I had some feedback: - I think you should decrease the font weight so it's not the same as the title! - If you move the text up and towards the centre, it would look nicer as well. - The chatbot is really distracting and takes away from the landing page since it has a white gradient and the image you use a bit darker. Also, I noticed you guys don't have a logo. I would love to give you a hand, if you're looking to set one up!
@edisonjoao6871 some quick feedback! 1. The popup in the bottom right is a bit distracting and overlays above the site copy. 2. I'd move the email subscribe higher on the page 3. The copy at the top is a bit long and seems vague. I would try to shorten and be super direct with what Gen-Us is. You could go with a 4-6 word tagline followed by a smaller sentence or two with that's more descriptive.
@rrhoover thank you for the feedback, truly means a lot.