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@drecodeam 11 now. Really interesting! I'm actually working on something similar, slightly different focus though. Really impressed, looking forward to seeing it evolve!
@jesperbylund Thanks. Would love to know what you are building and get feedback on my app
@drecodeam It looks really good 🙌🏾
@alternatedayve thanks. Let me know if you have any feedback
@drecodeam looks more like a daily planning tool, so it has more use when I wake up in the morning. If I could get a notification/alarm to plan my day immediately I wake up, it'd be super helpful.
@alternatedayve good idea. I do intend to add notifications to it.
@drecodeam hey some more random feedback - as a user I wish there was a way to tie the things I learn daily into tasks. I usually take notes on podcasts & things I read everyday, so setting goals in focus of what I learn would be great. So reverse-engineered; we have the individual task, how it connects to my goal & a quote from the lesson learned. I've noticed learning is a big motivator for my daily ops. Just stating this, just incase you're building a solution around this.